Why is BondsIndia better than IND Money?

As the world becomes increasingly digital, more and more people are turning to online platforms to do transactions. One area in which this is particularly true is the bond market. 

Online bond platforms offer a number of advantages over traditional methods of investing in bonds. Perhaps the most significant benefit is that they allow investors to purchase bonds from around the world, regardless of location. Additionally, online platforms often have lower fees than traditional brokers, and they offer investors a wider range of investment options. 

Another benefit of online bond platforms is that they provide investors with greater transparency.  

One of the best online bonds platforms to buy bonds in India is BondsIndia. 

Why is BondsIndia better than INDmoney?
Why is BondsIndia better than IND Money?

About BondsIndia  

BondsIndia was launched by a technology-driven model that provides all services related to investment in fixed-income securities. It was launched by Launchpad Fintech Private Limited. 

It is a digital platform that allows investors to buy and sell bonds. Additionally, they provide daily research reports, market insights and selected deals to the investors. 

About INDmoney 

INDmoney, previously known as INDwealth, is an online platform that provides services such as financial planning, organising finances and tools to help save and invest. Finzoom Investment Advisors Ltd owns it.  

Why is BondsIndia better than INDmoney? 

1. Fees 

There are many online bonds platforms in India, but not all are free.  

With BondsIndia, an investor can easily trade without sign-up fees, transaction fees, or withdrawal fees. They also provide research reports and educational content that is free of cost.  

On the other hand, INDmoney charges a withdrawal fee from the investors though there are no sign-up or transaction fees. They also charge fees for additional services, such as financial planning, tax management, etc.  

2. One-stop shop for fixed income securities  

BondsIndia is a one-stop shop for fixed income securities. It provides a wide range of products to invest in, such as corporate bonds, tax-free bonds, 54EC bonds, government bonds, fixed deposits, etc. BondsIndia has over 10,000 bonds, where investors can invest.  

3. Customer service  

Many online platforms provide various products to invest in, various other services like financial planning, tax management, etc. However, the most essential thing that makes a customer loyal is customer service. 

With BondsIndia, customer experience is astounding. It is a first of its kind bond platform in India, with impressive ease of curating a bond portfolio and the overall experience. The customer service is fast, professional and reliable.  

4. Ease to use 

Investing in bonds is usually considered a bit more complex than other instruments.  

However, with BondsIndia, the investment process is seamless. The platform is very easy to use, and the process is simple so that retail investors can easily access the bond market.  

5. Tech integration with ICCL 

In India, the only platform with a tech integration with Indian Clearing Corporation Limited (ICCL) is BondsIndia. This helps to provide a real-time online trade settlement facility. 

Looking at the points, we may say that BondsIndia provides a better overall experience to the customers, a wide variety of products to invest in at low cost and providing high-class customer service to its clients than INDmoney.  


Online bonds platforms provide investors who do not have the time and resources to invest in bonds through the traditional investment broker. They also offer transparency and convenience that is not always found on other platforms.  BondsIndia is one of the best online bond platforms that provides a trading platform and educates the investors on how to make the trade. 

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