Why is BondsIndia better than IndiaBonds?

When it comes to making investments, various options are available to investors. One popular choice that often gets overlooked is investing in bonds.  

Investing in bonds has many advantages. For one, when investors invest in bonds, they give themselves a chance to earn a stable income. Secondly, bonds are usually very liquid, meaning they can sell them quickly if they need to. 

Another great thing about investing in bonds is that there are now many online bonds platforms that make it easy for retail investors to invest in bonds. These platforms allow investors to find the perfect bond portfolio for their needs. Through an online platform, investors can quickly and easily start investing in bonds. 

Why is BondsIndia better than IndiaBonds
Why is BondsIndia better than IndiaBonds

About BondsIndia  

BondsIndia, a Launchpad Fintech Private Limited brand, is a technology-driven model that simplifies fixed-income securities‘ complex beats for investors.  

They provide a digital platform for retail investors to buy and sell bonds. Their primary focus is on providing a trading platform and educating the investors about bonds. 

About IndiaBonds 

IndiaBonds is a financial company that provides an investment platform to investors so that they can access the fixed income securities market. It offers curated bonds to investors, facilitates bond sales, and provides reports and insights. 

Why is BondsIndia better than IndiaBonds?  

1. Minimum investment amount  

Different platforms have different minimum investment requirements.  

With BondsIndia, an investor can start investing with just Rs. 1,000.  

On the contrary, with IndiaBonds, an investor will require a minimum investment of Rs 10,000.   

2. Wide variety of products  

BondsIndia provides a wide variety of products to investors, such as corporate bonds, tax-free bonds, Initial Public Offering(IPO), 54EC bonds, government bonds, etc. They also provide daily research reports, market insights and selected deals to the investors. 

3. Customer service  

The most important thing to keep the customers happy is customer service. 

BondsIndia provides a remarkable customer experience; the customer service is fast, professional and reliable.  

4. A highly experienced research team  

With the BondsIndia platform, investors benefit from a highly experienced research team, thus providing the best-in-class analysis to its investors to make a wise and right choice.  

5. User friendly   

Usually, trading in bonds is considered a bit more complex than other instruments.  

With BondsIndia, the user experience is impressive, the entire process is flawless, the website is easy to use, and it also provides guidance to investors regarding security selection. 

From the above points, we can say that BondsIndia provides a broader range of products, a user-friendly experience, a highly competent research team and exceptional customer service than IndiaBonds.  


Bonds can be an excellent option for several reasons, and thanks to online platforms, it’s easier than ever to get started. 

Online bonds platforms offer transparency and convenience that isn’t always found on other platforms. Investors can research and invest in various bonds with just a few clicks. 

With BondsIndia, investing in bonds is a hassle-free experience; investors can quickly know everything about fixed-income securities; thus, making an informed decision. 

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