What to consider before investing directly in government securities or Bonds? 

Bonds are a great alternative to consider if you’re searching for a stable income and a low-risk investment in India. Let us understand the different types of bonds & how to invest in them to gain a better understanding. 

What are government securities or Bonds? 

Government securities are debt securities issued by the Government of India. They are considered the safest kind of investment since the government has the ability to acquire funds through taxes and other ways if it suffers repayment difficulties. Government Bonds, SGBs (Sovereign Gold Bonds), Treasury bills & much more have been made available to retail investors to invest in. 

What are the Best kinds of Bonds to buy in India? 

The following kinds of Securities/ Bonds can be considered by the investor for the purpose of investing – 

1. Government Securities – Government security bonds are bonds issued by the federal and state governments. These have no credit risk because they are issued by governments. In India, these are one of the safest forms of investment options for earning periodic income and principal at maturity. Semi-annual interest is paid on these bonds. 

2. Sovereign Gold Bonds – India’s government also sells sovereign gold bonds. Gold bonds are similar to Government of India shares in that they are a kind of security. It also has a fixed interest rate that is paid on a regular basis and there is no risk of handling like there is with gold bullion. 

3. Fixed Rate Bonds – Fixed rate bonds have fixed interest rates that remain constant during the investment term, regardless of market rate variations. 

4. Inflation-Indexed Bonds – The original capital and accrued interest on this form of bond are indexed to inflation. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) or the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) are used to index these bonds, which are sold to retail investors. 

5. Zero-Coupon Bonds – It earns zero interest, or no interest, as the name implies. The gap between the issuing price at a discount and the redemption value at par generates income from Zero-coupon bonds. Rather of issuing bonds through an auction, these bonds are generated from existing securities. 

What must an investor consider before investing in Government securities or Bonds? 

Government Security yields fluctuate due to a variety of reasons, so buyers must monitor both domestic and global trends. Fixed-income buyers, according to the industry, dive and fly with both the movement of bond yields. In a rising interest rate environment, buyers lose money, whereas, in a falling rate situation, they win money. When gilts are held to maturity, this risk is minimized. 

Other factors that influence inflation and interest rates include economic growth, sovereign ranking, and supply of money, government debt, global stability, and geopolitical risks. As a result, investors must keep a close eye on everything. 

How can an investor buy Government Securities in 2022? 

Under the non-competitive bidding system, exchanges have specific divisions for dealing with government bonds, such as BSE direct and NSE goBID. Also, Retail investors can invest directly in government bonds through the RBI’s retail direct scheme by opening a Retail Direct Gilt (RDG) account. Additionally, investors can invest in government bonds using online stock brokerage platforms or online trading platforms that specialize in fixed-income products. 


Government Securities are appealing investments with a variety of tenure choices. Government bonds are a wonderful asset for asset allocation because of the flawless investment avenues available online and the rapid settlement mechanism involved in their trading. 

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